UI Designer

Do you excel at reading a design doc and immediately see an image in your mind of how it might be laid out? Does organizing information activate some unknown pleasure center in your brain? Do you understand that UI is fundamentally problem solving and you just love snapping puzzle pieces into place? This role is about conducting a visual symphony of organized data, screaming warriors, and subtle clues. It’s about theme and visual hierarchy and polished beauty. It’s about inspiring the user to FEEL and ENGAGE with an interface that is an absolute joy to navigate.

Splinterlands, the leading blockchain-based trading card game, is actively seeking UI (User Interface) Designers that can passionately tackle a combination of blockchain, gaming, and cryptocurrency-related content to produce beautiful, engaging, and user-friendly front-end designs.

As a UI Designer, you will report to the UI Lead and help produce wireframes that translate abstract goals into visual interface, collect feedback, and design with a mobile-first approach. Layouts should be seamless, consistent, intuitive, and user-friendly. Branding and style should be preserved. You will be collaborating with the Creative Director, UX Designers, Product Managers, Artists, and Developers to produce a visual and interactive experience that immerses the user in a beautiful bubble of awesomeness from which they never want to leave.

You should have experience with Game UI and HUD design for both web and mobile applications. Responsiveness is key. You should be capable of optimizing layouts for a variety of devices, platforms, and screen sizes. You should be proficient with a wide range of design tools and be capable of customizing/editing UI assets to meet the needed specifications. You should be eager to play games and call it “research”.

Things You’ll Do:

  • Problem Solving Interface by Developing Design Docs and Wireframing at a 1:1 graybox layout
  • Work with UX to ensure the desired player experience is translating into interface design
  • Design themed Navigation and User Touch Points
  • Support the process of Iterative Improvement through feedback and collaboration

Things You Need:

  • 3-5 years of demonstrated experience in creating and implementing UI design, preferably with triple-A games industry experience (though not required)
  • Demonstrable UI design skills with a strong portfolio
  • A ninja in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD
  • Advanced problem-solving skills and the ability to optimize data for the best possible outcome
  • At least a basic understanding of web and/or mobile development processes (HTML, CSS, etc)
  • Understanding of all web formats, file types, and how to optimize for faster load time
  • Understanding of Mobile-First Design Principles
  • Ability to present your designs and sell your solutions to various stakeholders.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with and/or an understanding of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology