Are you a digital mad scientist? This role is about creating brilliant, well-thought out, beautiful game assets for a wide variety of uses. It’s about using light, perspective, and color to evoke a sense of awe, mystery, or excitement. It’s about creating a sense of mood, depth, flavor, and character in even the simplest of assets. But most of’s about using imaaaaaaaaaagination.

Splinterlands is seeking passionate creatives who want to unlock their brains and let the ideas fly. Our culture is one of collaboration, team work, positivity, and a love for gaming.

As a 2D Game Assets Artist, you will be conceptualizing, designing, and optimizing a broad range of graphics in different themes and styles. You will be collaborating with the Creative Director, Product Managers, Art Leads, and UI Designers to produce pixel-perfect assets within the necessary time frames. In addition, you will often be required to prepare and organize the assets for animation or manipulation.

You should have experience with Game Assets design and understand how to properly export for both web and mobile. You should have a strong eye for dynamic perspective and how to create a sense of drama. You should also understand how to maintain a sense of strong layer management. More importantly, you should be capable of cranking out kick@$$, polished, eye-popping digital art.

Things You’ll Do:

  • Create Concepts and Artwork for Characters, Items, Effects, or Environmental assets
  • Review Feedback and Revise as necessary
  • Liaison with Animators to ensure native files are properly prepared
  • Optimize exports for desired front-end interface

Things You Need:

  • At least 3 years professional 2D Game Art experience
  • Expert with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • Proficiency with other 2D design applications (Affinity, Procreate, Clip Studio, etc)
  • Strong understanding of vector and raster artwork and how they are best utilized
  • Amazing Portfolio

Bonus Points:

  • Proficiency with Adobe Animate
  • Proficiency with Adobe After Effects
  • Proficiency with Harmony ToonBoom
  • Proficiency with Spine